Ben Wallace Race Report – Oulton Park

Ben Wallace Race Report – Oulton Park

VAG Trophy final round at Oulton Park 28th October 2017

Ben Wallace Oulton PARK - Damaged Car

So that’s it, final round of VAG Trophy over. After, let’s say, a bad start with a totally ruined car, I qualified P8 and finished race 1 in 5th. I managed to improve on this and finish race 2 in 4th. That secured me 3rd place overall in the championship.

I need to give a special thanks Steve MerronDarelle WilsonPaul HarrisonCharlie RussElliott Wood making the impossible possible to build me a car again.
Team HARD. might not be perfect but its the best Team to race for. Big the support and commitment by Ben KattenhornTony GilhamDebbie GilhamDebbie SquiresAndrea HurcombeRichard PrimeRay CreaseyOli BakerSteve Johnson.

I can’t believe that’s it for 2017. But their might be one or the other opportunity before the end of the year.

Ben Wallace

Meet the Drivers: Kyle Owen-Bradshaw

Meet the Drivers: Kyle Owen-Bradshaw

How long have you been in motorsport?
1) I have been in motorsport for the past 2 and a half years with Team Hard Racing, having my potential been noticed by Tony Gilham following his Team Hard scholarship.

What made you want to become a racing driver?
2) Since I was a kid, in primary school, I have always wanted to be a professional race driver. Having a small, local kart club run every Saturday a stones throw from my house had me occupied every weekend growing up. It was then that I knew I wanted to work as hard as I could to reach this goal.

How did you get to where you are now ie. What championships have you raced in?
3) Competing in the 2017 VAG Trophy is my first ever competitive race series, which has seen me prove race by race that I have a sensible head, and can mix it with very fast and competitive racers.

Do you have a favourite driver/ driver you aspired to be when you were younger?
4) Growing up, in F1, I aspired to be like Mika Häkkinen. As I got older, I became far more interested in what I class as far more interesting, close and real racing in the BTCC. Watching this growing up, I have to say that Jason Plato was someone that I always followed, and seeing the success he has created both on and off track, that is someone that I admire and would love to emulate.

How is your season going so far?
5) My season to date has gone amazingly well. For my first full season, I have pushed myself to some degree, but remained sensible with my racing. I have managed to gain a podium in only my 3rd round, on a circuit that has very limited testing, having only run it in the qualifying session and racing in the wet.

What is it like driving for Team HARD?
6) Driving for Team Hard is a real blessing. Tony Gilham really does take the time to make you feel a part of his family. And with the team, that in house family is ever growing. The bosses, especially Tony, take the time to listen to you as a driver, see what direction you want your career to go in and guide and mentor you on that journey.

What are your ambitions for the future?
7) My ambitions for the future are to race full time in endurance. I’d like to drive for a factory. Mentored by Tony Gilham and his team on the journey. To bring my name, my sponsors and the team, Team Hard to a global audience.

What is your favourite car you have driven?
8) My favourite car has to be an S600 V12 that I drove whilst working for Mercedes Benz. Having come out of my apprenticeship, this vehicle was the President of Jordan’s car. Fully armoured vehicle, weighing in well over 5 tonne, this car had everything. 3 inch thick windows, armoured body. Armoured tyres. And this car had phenomenal performance and handling, as well as being pretty much invincible. The perfect performance car for every situation.

What is your favourite racing car?
9) My favourite racing car is the Porsche 911 GT1 which went on to win the world famous LeMans 24hrs. Its such an iconic race car, and the sound that these vehicles made was awe inspiring.

What is your favourite circuit?
10) My favorite race circuit to date has to be Brands Hatch GP. It was the circuit that enabled me to race to my first podium in competitive racing, with a team and sponsors that have seen huge potential. This track enabled me to show that potential.

What is the best thing about being a racing driver?
11) The best thing about being a race driver is driving a real racing car on track, with a host of other drivers, all battling for the win, but equally, respecting each other and the sport, to represent themselves and sponsors in the highest light. Not many people can walk into a shop, be asked what they do for a living, and be able to turn around and say, well I’m a racing driver. That is a great feeling, and I’m truly blessed to have Tony Gilham and his team support me and so many other drivers on an incredible journey.

Eaton swaps to HARD. Ginetta for Final Round.

The Northampton based driver will contest the final round of the SRO British GT Championship at Donington Park in the Team HARD. run 2016 Ginetta G55.

Coming off the back of a great result in Monza where Abbie made history by being the first woman EVER to win at a Blacpain Endurance Race event in a Ferrari 488 GT3. For having minimal seat time in the Italian machine and to produce an amazing result Eaton is hoping that she gets to grips with the 2016 GT4 Championship winning car just as quickly.

Abbie said on the switch to the Team HARD. run Ginnetta; “I’m really looking forward to learning about the characteristics of the Ginetta GT4 and being back in the British GT paddock. It’s a fun weekend for me but I’m hoping a little rain dance will bring the Ginettas into podium contention at the usually ‘power dominant’ Donington Park.”

Team HARD. Boss Tony Gilham said on having the young lady in the car; “Abbie has been around a long time and has driven some fantastic races, we have spoken about working with each other on many occasions, but it has never happened for whatever reason, but the stars have seemed to have aligned and I am excited to see what Abbie can produce behind the wheel of our title winning GT4 Ginetta”

Jake Giddigs

Joining Eaton in the Team HARD. Ginetta will be Jake Giddings. The young driver who has previously piloted the G55 for Team HARD. with his last outing being at the famous Belgium circuit Spa where he finished 10th overall, 7th in Class and towards the end of the race was quickest on track in the GT4 Class.

Giddings expressed his joy at the chance to jump into the Team HARD. car again “Really looking forward to be getting back out on the grid. It was great to be asked to come back to Team HARD. to push for that result that everyone deserves  and to try finish on that high for the last round of the British GT championship. I am really looking forward to driving with Abbie she’s a quick pedaler, we’ve battled on track  so will be good to share a car and see if together we can put the Ginetta though it’s paces.

Tony followed up what Jake had to say with “Having Jake in the car again is a massive plus for the us, having worked with the boys before at Spa they are all keen to work with him again and it has definitely brought a much needed buzz to the team again. We hope that Abbie and Jake will work well together and help us end a disappointing year with a smile and Silverware.”

Meet the Drivers: Kyle Owen-Bradshaw

Kyle Owen-Bradshaw Thruxton Race Report


Saturday 2nd September saw the VAG Trophy head to Andover and the UK’s fastest circuit, Thruxton for the penultimate round of the championship. Kyle was set for a long and challenging weekend starting with much needed testing as this track is always a test of skill in not only handling the constant high speeds, but also tyre management.

Thruxton, unlike most circuits, has very limited testing but, fortunately, Kyle has a great partner in Motion Simulation Ltd and had made very good use of their simulators in the weeks leading up to the race in order to get some circuit familiarisation in and to understand the different braking point and racing lines on the track. With the simulator preparation done it was time to head down to the circuit and get on track in his #GetacRacing race car run by Tony Gilham’s Team Hard Racing.

Kyle didn’t take to the track straight away, preferring to wait until the frantic early sessions had calmed down somewhat. As session 3 approached, Kyle got his race gear on and got re-acquainted with his superb office and headed out onto track. As he exited the pits and got onto the track, the car wasn’t feeling 100% and felt down on power. This is less than ideal on a power circuit where speed matters. With around 85% of the lap spent on full throttle, a power disadvantage could prove very costly. However, undaunted, Kyle persisted with the session, in order to get an actual feel for the circuit with the power that he did have.

Following this first session and the good understanding it gave him of the track, the team got to work on trying to identify the power problem. Having made some set up changes to the rear suspension and replaced some engine sensors that were suspected as being potential culprits, Kyle exited onto the track for a second time. He accelerated out of the pit lane until, at around 80mph, a race drivers worst nightmare happened; a massive bang!

In a split second, the car bonnet got caught by the increasing speed of air flowing over it and flipped up, smashing the windscreen and leaving Kyle with only a sliver of space to see through to stop the car safely while at the same time having to deal with shattered glass coming in to the cockpit. It was a complete accident, and something that happens in even the top flight of racing, but Kyle’s team were devastated, as was Kyle. Understanding that these things happen from time to time, and ever the diplomat, Kyle took time to reassure the team not to worry. Fortunately for Kyle it had happened on the practice day rather than during qualifying or the race. With a new windscreen fitted, it was unfortunately too late to head out for testing to establish whether the engine problems had been fixed but at least he could live to fight another day…

Saturday arrived, and the anticipation of what was to come. While at a disadvantage owing to a lack of track time the day before, and still unsure if the power issues had been resolved, Kyle took solace from the fact that at least his tyres would be in better condition than those who had done more extensive testing the day before. He strapped himself in and headed out for the 15 minute qualifying session.

Pretty much immediately it was obvious that the sensor replacement hadn’t cured the power issues. However Kyle persisted with the session, using as much kerb at the two complexes as possible to get a representative lap time in. At the end of the session Kyle had managed 12th and was only 0.02 seconds off 11th place. Not what he was looking for. However, due to being down on power, he hadn’t taken as much life out of my tyres which may well play into his hands come the race.

With the qualifying session over it was back to the pits and the team got to work on the car once again to try and rectify the power problems. Just in time for the first race, the team managed to make further sensor replacements and a change to damper settings to allow Kyle to be slightly more aggressive on the kerbs should he still be down on power. This is always a risk though as Thruxton is notoriously tough on tyres and taking more kerb risks damaging the tyres. It was going to be a tough balancing act but it’s not an uncommon situation for a driver to face so Kyle just made the call for what instinctively felt right and went for it.

Unfortunately for Kyle, and in spite of the best efforts of the team, the car was still down on power which meant a tough race was coming Kyle’s way. Kyle’s get away from the line was great but as he was accelerating he felt a little push from behind from a competitor that clearly had much more power. Undaunted, Kyle pushed on knowing that the setup changes he had made would mean that the corners would be where he regained some ground. And so it was with him executing the complexes perfectly lap after lap and taking “Church” corner flat in 5th gear. He ended up having a great battle with Martyn Cully all race long but, a little later in the race, someone had a tyre blow-out which left debris all across the circuit. The race was nearing its completion so the race officials, putting the drivers’ safety first, red flagged the race. In spite of the premature end of the race Kyle came home in 11th place. Whilst he had been aiming for a top 10, he was happy with the result, especially given that he was on average 12mph slower through the lap and massively down on power.

As soon as the car returned to the pits the every dedicated team got to work on the car once again to try and rectify the lack of power once and for all. After replacing yet more sensors, it seemed that there could be nothing more electronically that could be causing the power issues. The team then got to work on removing the front end of the car and found that the intercooler had a leak; a minor leak but a leak nonetheless. So, with the intercooler replaced, and all engine sensors replaced, it was time for race two.

With hope that the issues was finally resolved, Kyle headed out on to the track. It was soon obvious that the car was still down on power and that Kyle was in for another tough race. Nonetheless, the same spirit of dogged determination kicked in and Kyle set his focus on the start lights.

As the lights went out Kyle got a fantastic start, especially considering his power disadvantage. As the first lap unfolded it seemed that Kyle was in for another race long battle with Martyn Cully. With the leading part of the field pulling away, Kyle was taking even more risks over the kerbs in the complexes and was gaining massively on Cully in the corners where he had far superior grip but Cully was pulling a gap on the straights. As Kyle’s battle with Cully continued and the race neared its completion, there was quite a big incident with four cars involved, including some championship challengers. The safety car was called, and on passing the incident on the following lap, Kyle was relieved to see all the drivers walking away from what was left of their cars. It was only as Kyle pulled back off the track at the end of that lap that it dawned on him that he had finished in 8th place with some of this closest championship rivals not scoring points.

In a typically mature moment, Kyle later reflected on the weekend. Being down on power had taught him by far his biggest lesson as a racing driver to date; to take away the positives from a bad situation. He had come away scoring more points than a number of his championship rivals and now found himself sitting in 7th place with a healthy gap to his nearest challenger in 8th. The Team Hard Racing crew had done a superb job in persisting with their rugged determination in getting his #GetacRacing race car back up to power and he had come away from the UK’s fastest circuit with two finishes, a host of points and was sitting in a comfortable place in his opening season in very competitive racing.

Kyle later said, “This is all thanks to my amazing sponsors Getac who have seen potential, determination and dedication from me to represent them in the best way possible and on a huge stage. I cannot express my thanks to Getac enough, they are truly very special to me, and I will always be extremely grateful to them for seeing potential in me and my abilities. I have to also express huge thanks to Tony Gilham and his Team Hard Racing, along with each and every one of their mechanics who persisted with trying to get my race car back up to pace.“

“Thank you Getac for all of your continued support, and a big thank you to all the team and mechanics who persisted to get my car back to full power for the main event, it just wasn’t our weekend. I must also extend my thanks to Varoosh Sports Partnerships Ltd, Jellyfish Designs Ltd, Allprint Supplies (Slough), Slough Audi, Motion Simulation Race Room, Drift Innovation, Dread, Bespoke Automotive Customs and so many friends and family who have continually supported me every step of the way.”

With the final round of the championship looming in late October, Kyle is determined to finish the season in the best possible way as a way of justifying the belief shown in him by all those who are on this journey with him. The last round of the 2017 VAG Trophy will take place on the 28th October at the Oulton Park International Circuit in Cheshire.



Team HARD enter partnership with Brisky Racing

Team HARD. Racing are today, pleased to announce a very exciting new development as we enter a partnership with Brisky Racing to create what is essentially a “super team” and an opportunity to race under their banner at every level of the Motorsport ladder.

Tony Gilham’s Team HARD. Racing has agreed a deal with Brisky Racing to build a partnership that will strengthen its British Touring Car operation. This brings additional expertise and backing to the Team HARD. operation while also giving Brisky Racing BTCC level support and back up for its planned three car team in the new TCR UK championship, which is scheduled to start next year.

Brisky Racing have already been the first to publicly commit their support to TCR UK and run multiple cars next year. Richard Wheeler’s Brisky Racing outfit currently sponsor and support Team HARD. and are looking forward to turning this into a long-term relationship.

This will extend the combined operation to in excess of 50 cars and with an extensive infrastructure already in place, this will only strengthen each individual championship we compete in as well as all of the off-track activities. To find out how and why this unique approach is working, please feel free to come and visit us at HQ to discuss potential future opportunities and get involved with, what is now one of the biggest operations in the U.K.

For more information, please visit our website  and also

Visit our twitter page    Visit our facebook page

Chris Milford will race in the British GT this weekend at Brands Hatch with Team HARD

Chris Milford will race in the British GT this weekend at Brands Hatch with Team HARD

Chris Milford will race Autoaid/RCIB Insurance Racing’s #63 Ginetta G55.

Milford, quite possibly the first ever British GT driver to have grown up racing karts in Vietnam, currently competes in the VAG Trophy with Team HARD but makes the switch to its Ginetta alongside fellow Silver-rated driver Matt Chapman this weekend following his recent test aboard the squad’s BTCC car.

“I’m very excited to be driving for Autoaid/RCIB Insurance Racing in British GT,” he said. “Brands Hatch will be the highest-profile race I’ve done to date; I’ve not stopped preparing for it since I found out I’d be driving.

“Obviously I’m looking to compete with the top guys, the more seasoned drivers. But with a year of racing already under most of their belts I know it will be tough, even if it shouldn’t take me too long to get up to speed.”