The Hustler Twisted Loop Drying Towel


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Even THE REAPER wouldn’t dare to go head to head with THE HUSTLER.


Even THE REAPER wouldn’t dare to go head to head with THE HUSTLER.
Just when you think he’s finished, jam packed full of so much water that he’s ready to sleep with the fishes, he pulls out his ace of spades and just keeps on drying! The Hustler brings a streak free finish to the table every-time, absorbing water so fast you can’t even catch him making his move.
The Hustler is a 60cm x 90cm, completely lint free, 500gsm plush drying towel featuring our “twisted loop” technology. It can be wrung out repeatedly, drying multiple vehicles simultaneously without needing to dry your towel. THE HUSTLER is quite simply the royal flush of drying towels with unrivalled absorbency.

  • Large 60cm x 90cm towel
  • Completely lint free
  • Super Plush 500gsm towel with ‘twisted loop’ technology
  • Incredibly absorbent
  • Striking black and red AD colours
    How to use:Simply place THE HUSTLER onto a wet panel, pat dry or wipe gently and watch him win every single time!
    Caring for your Hustler is a easy, simply use our Clean Towels microfibre solution (to the preferred dilution) and pop it into your washer on a low heat. When cleaned, pop into the dryer to fluff up the fibres on your hustler!

    The twisted pile technology ensures maximum absorbency and a streak free finish every-time. The Hustler will absorb so much water, when you think its come to the end of the game, place your hands around the Hustlers neck and wring, go again and challenge the Hustler and see what else he has in store for you!

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