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brisky racing

Brisky Racing does not promote a single driver and owner as a lot of racing entities do at club level. It was set up to make motorsport more accessible as it’s expensive due to it’s nature. It is a brand that several enthusiasts race under while also helping others to get out there and race too.

A part of this help is providing competitive cars that are somewhat cheaper to hire than alternative businesses, as well as assistance and instruction. As a group it is cheaper to do things together, but also better as experience, instruction and data can be shared. Not to mention fun and we enjoy the events running multiple cars with a friendly club environment.

We look forward to our growth continuing as it has rapidly from Autumn 2015 as we work with more people that want to drive, help in the pits and be part of a motorsport team.

Brisky Racing continues to sponsor Jake Hill in the BTCC for 2017


Established in 2000, Serenco UK are importers of automotive and industrial equipment. Our comprehensive portfolio of products are responsibly sourced and designed especially for the professional users that are supplied through an established distributor network within the UK and Irish aftermarkets.


Danfoss supplies a vast range of components to compliment products within the domestic heating sector amongst many other products. Globally they employ over 20,000 people with manufacturing facilities in every continent.

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Developing quality Car Care Products since 2005. uk

Autobrite Direct LTD are one of the leading names in the car care. industry. We have a extensive range of car care and detailing products for the enthusiast, professional or trade. Autobrite Direct strive for perfection in all of our products that why we take great pride in designing, developing and distributing our range through our clients and distribution channels throughout the world!

Also here at Autobrite Direct we have a ‘walk-in-superstore’ where you can choose the right products specific to your car and get expert advice from our car care professionals.

Our car care Valeting & Detailing services gives you a selection of packages to suit you and your budget – get your car pampered here at Autobrite Direct!

If its car care help you need then why not join us on our car care tuition courses? We cater for group and 1-1 car care tuition with our professional team! Call us for a quotation.

We have a real passion for clean cars and strive to producethe best car care products and services to our clients, visit us off the A500 on Lowfield Drive, Wolstanton. We are open from 9-5pm.

We aim to give the best service to our customers and bring many smiling faces with clean cars!


Company Profile: Ecoflam at 25
2017 sees Ecoflam celebrating 25 years at the forefront of cutting-edge product design, development and manufacturing in the UK burner market. It is widely considered to be a leading authority on the technology, with one of the largest portfolios of products in the market, suitable for an unparalleled range of applications. Today, Ecoflam offers a full range of blown air pressure jet burners for all fuels in Monoblock and Duoblock versions up to 45MW.
Since the company’s UK inception in 1992, Ecoflam has always been well known within the heating market, especially for its compact, highly efficient burners, such as the Max Oil range. Furthermore, it has been able to offer a full spectrum of outputs for the UK heating market, from wall hung domestic boilers and central heating range cookers, through to the floor standing commercial units, hot water and diathermic boilers.
Having established itself in the sector from the outset, Ecoflam has, in more recent years, broadened its appeal. It is now a significant supplier of burners to many other industries, including agricultural and food; textile, glass and ceramic; incinerator and waste; chemical and petrochemical; wood pellet, as well as process. Part of the company’s success in such a wide range of industries and applications is its ability to customise and adapt units to suit a customer’s specific needs, such as including pre-purge or continuous aeration, or direct or indirect hot air production.
Research and Development
As an original manufacturer and a major company within the internationally renowned Ariston Thermo Group, Ecoflam has continued to invest heavily in R&D over the last 25 years, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technological advancements. Over the decades, this has included yellow flame, blue flame and fully modulating blue flame burners; such a high level of competence allows Ecoflam to continuously be ahead of the development curve, offering the very latest products to meet standards of the day – and the future.
This commitment to continuous improvement has been reflected by the company’s decision to increase warranties on many of its burner models to three years. This confidence in the product has clearly filtered through to customers, with Ecoflam burners now being specified on more projects and contracts than ever before – resulting in a doubling of UK business in the last five years.
The ELCO Burners connection
As part of a leading worldwide group in heating technology, Ecoflam UK has become the main UK distributor for ELCO Burners. This allows Ecoflam to offer a broader range of cutting-edge burners for heating and industrial applications, from 11kW to 80MW.
Part of ELCO’s philosophy is to always search out the finest technologies and develop new alternatives to improve overall efficiency. The R&D Laboratories are committed to developing innovative technological solutions for:
• Optimising running costs of installations and lowering the use of primary energy
• Improving the ‘interface’ between the installer/contractor and burner unit itself
• Preserving the environment by lowering acoustic and exhaust gas emissions

The future
With the burner industry facing monumental adjustments in forthcoming years, due to the impending Energy Related Products Directive (ErP) in 2018, Ecoflam is well placed within the UK market to be a trusted source of compliant products. While the company already supplies burners to meet ErP, it is in the process of updating its burners to achieve the low NOx levels required from future legislation. This will ensure Ecoflam UK continues to offer customers the finest, high-quality products for decades to come.