Jamie Bond

Name: Jamie Bond

Age: 24

Home Town: West Malling

Number of Seasons with Team HARD: 3

What made you chose Team HARD? I liked the way they run the team with a real family feeling

What are your hopes for the 2018 season? As many wins and podiums as possible and fingers crossed to take the Volkswagen racing cup title as we came very close in 2017

How long have you been racing?: this will be my second full season in car racing but started racing karts at the age of 8

What made you want to become a racing driver? Watching the BTCC with my dad when I was about 6 and my dad always wanted me to race as he never got the opportunity.

What other championships have you raced in? Only cadet karts and junior rotax karts then joined the Volkswagen racing cup

What is your favourite track? Got to be brands hatch for me

What is your favourite car you have driven? The 2016 BTCC Toyota avensis of team hard

If you could drive one race car what would it be? Porsche 919 hybrid

An unusual fact about yourself. I own body Bronzee which is a tanning solarium