Autobrite Heavy Duty Foam Snow Foam Lance & Magifoam 500ml


Available with Karcher K Series Connector

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Our industry-leading, award-winning and globally loved “Snow Foam Lance” includes 500ml of our equally awesome “Magifoam Pre-Wash Snow Foam”. A match made in car-care heaven to fuel your Snow Foams addiction!

This ULTIMATE pre-wash & snow foam cannon will massively reduce the risk of swirls & scratches by removing excess dirt, salt, grease and traffic film prior to a contact wash. The AD foam lance is highly regarded and very often referred to as the BEST foam lance in the world due to its build quality, durability and performance and many competitors have tried and failed to re-create its unique, exclusive, superior design and build.

  • Connectors to fit the vast majority of branded pressure washers.
  • Easily self-serviceable to ensure it lasts for years to come.
  • Magifoam offers a very high foaming, superior & safe cleaning action.
  • LSP safe, biodegradable & extremely economical to use.
  • Will dwell on the car’s surface for up to 30 minutes.
  • Has a lovely Cherry scent and leaves a great finish too.

The Autobrite Foaming Lance is now used throughout the world and now with many thousands of enthusiasts and professionals using them, they really are the best and safest pre-wash foaming tool to have in your collection! The Autobrite Foam Lance offers a very high level of foaming and delivers this through its high-quality brass construction body and stainless steel injector which with its high foaming, durability and ease of use is certainly the most important key factors of the product.

The lance itself offers a wide range of connector fitments for your pressure washer 2 piece lance, such as the popular machines, like the Karcher, Nilfisk and Kranzle.

The Autobrite Foam Lance fits to the 2 piece pressure washer lance you have on your machine via a push and twist or screw fitments (depending on connector) giving you a secure, comfortable and stable hold on the lance when using it. There is a strong 1-litre bottle that attaches to the underside of the brass body of the lance, this holds 1 litre of either the Autobrite Magifoam or Super Snow Foam mix which gives you a thick mousse style foam that sits on the car for a period of time, giving you the safest and most effective way of encapsulating the dirt and grime into the foam, softening the soil in time and making it easy to remove when rinsing the car, leaving a cleaner and dirt free surface.

The benefits are excellent and really do reduce the risk of creating swirl marks, marring and fine scratches during the hand washing process. Every time you apply the Autobrite Foam Lance to your paintwork you will be taking a layer of dirt and grime from the car without touching it and with our Magifoam you can even create a near touchless wash for that totally safe wash! No more applying a sponge to the dirty panel of the car and rubbing the dirt into the paint, with The Autobrite Snow Foam Lance washing your car has never been so easy, safe and so much fun! Autobrite now supplies a wide range of quality connectors for your pressure washer lance. With the likes of Karcher, Nilfisk, Bosch, Lavor, Challange, M22 Screw Thread, Nilfisk Quick Release and many more, we can, in most cases, supply you with the correct connector to fit your machine – ask for details! All of our connectors are made of quality brass construction with the exception of the Karcher K Series which are made from high quality and hard-wearing plastic which in all gives you a nice and stable fitment.

The connector will be fitted to the lance via a stainless steel 40mm bar or a 20mm male nipple, which will give you an accurate fitment and will be secured with a non-permanent thread lock for the extra tightness and “No Leak” fitting. The bottle that comes with our Autobrite Snow Foam Lance is made of quality HDPE that fits perfectly onto the underside body of the lance ensuring a tight and sturdy fitment when filled up with the SUPERFoam or Magifoam mix. There is also a long plastic pick up tube inside the bottle which picks up the Snow Foam mixture when pressure is applied from the pressure washer machine. Adjustments on the Autobrite Foam Snow Foam Lance could not be simpler. It has a black end nozzle where the foam exits from the lance and this can be rotated from left to right which will then alter the spray pattern of the foam when released from the lance from a pencil to a wide-angle spray covering the car quickly and effectively.

There is also the black dial on top of the lance that alters the foam mixture from a weaker foam to a high thickness foam which is perfect for creating that perfect consistency of foam required when using our lance.

Product Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Design
  • Fitments for the vast majority of branded pressure washers
  • Best selling & best quality lance on the market
  • Hand made in Italy, not mass-produced in China
  • Includes 500ml of Magifoam – Snow Foam Solution