Luxury Suds – Concentrated Wash & Wax Car Shampoo



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Luxury Suds is a non-caustic, concentrated, high quality car shampoo and wax containing surface active detergents for the removal of road film, bug splatter, grease, insects and dirt. Luxury Suds will leave a glorious shine and wax protective film on the surface. Luxury Suds is a pH neutral blend containing only the highest quality surfactants whilst still being one of the best economical shampoos we sell. Streak and residue free Luxury Suds also rinses with ease leaving a gloss, protective finish.

Luxury Suds is safe for all waxes and sealants and wont strip any protection from your vehicle. Luxury Suds is ready to use, it is a thick concentrated shampoo and a little goes a long way, add Luxury to your Autobrite Detailing buckets to create the luxurious foam bath your car deserves.