• Andy Wilmot partnered Howard Fuller in the Team HARD. Racing Volkswagen Golf’s for the final round of the series
  • Andy was crowned 2020 VW Racing Cup Champion in the final race of the season
  • The team brought home three podium finishes
  • Howard qualified P3 with Andy in P4 for the opening race of the weekend
  • Andy finished Race 2 in P2, his highest finishing position of the round. Race 1: P4, Race 3: P3
  • Howard completed Race 2 with his highest finish of the weekend in P3 but unfortunately didn’t finish race 3 after getting pushed off the track and into the barrier. Race 1: P5

Andy Wilmot and Howard Fuller raced in the final round of the VW Cup Championship this weekend at Donington Park with Andy taking home the trophy after having competed in the championships previous rounds with Maximum Motorsport.

Andy secured his fourth silverware of the year and the overall crown this weekend, finishing with a total of 228 points; 20 more than his closest rival. Andy came into the weekend trailing Richard Gilbert by 10 points.


“Without a doubt, this has been a mega weekend at Donington Park. This is my first weekend with Team HARD. Racing and in every way, shape and form it’s been great, right from when I got here for testing on Friday.

“The car has been really good. The guys have done nothing but help me and put up with me being ridiculously hyper-active. I’ve had my highs and my lows and have been feeling as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders because of the pressure. However, the car was great, everyone in the team has been great and we’ve won the championship, so I am very thankful and humbled!”


“What an eventful weekend that was. Firstly, a huge thank you to all the Team HARD. Racing guys and girls for all their hard work over the weekend and of course a big congratulations to Andy for wrapping up the championship.

“The team run like clock-work, I was so impressed and am grateful for the opportunity, even the boss himself Tony Gilham made an appearance! Qualifying was relatively positive, I was leading the group the entire session in mixed conditions but then lost out on pole on the dry final lap which was a shame, however started P3 for race 1 and P2 for race 3.

“In Race 1 we unfortunately had to pit immediately with a gear box issue which meant us missing the start of the race but dramas on track brought us time to fix the issue. We managed to drive our way to the front and lead for a few laps but then a significant tyre failure meant we slowly dropped back to 4th. On the final lap, I let my team mate pass for precious points in the championship. What a guy…

“Race 2 from the front row was just a battle from the word go and was exciting, close racing. We finished in P3 which gave us some silverware. Unfortunately, in race 3, I was out in front but with the slipstream and a few extra pony’s in the stable I was caught, the gap closed and with only 7 minutes to go at the exit of Coppice, I was turned around and sent into the barriers at high speed head on. A disappointing end to a positive day.

“Overall, it was fantastic to be back in a race car competing after so many years and to be comfortably at the front in contention for victory, but I seem to have the worst luck in the game! Again, huge thank you to everyone involved. We’ll be back.”

Tony Gilham- Managing Director

“Firstly, a huge congratulations to Andy for winning the championship and bringing home the trophy. His driving was fantastic, and he deserved the win. It was great for the team to be back in the VW Cup for another weekend and this year’s pairing of Andy and Howard was incredibly strong.

“We have a proven track record in the series and Andy has allowed us to keep that title. We came to Donington to win and the boys worked well together as a team to ensure that happened. They are both incredibly strong drivers with immense talent and skill out on the track which is why we are in the position we are in now.

“Unfortunately, Howard’s car has got some extensive damage to it after his crash into the barrier during race 3 but the main thing is that he is ok and was able to get back out on the track this weekend and get some great driving in”.