Following recent events behind the scenes, we would like to share our thanks to our long-standing partner, Autobrite Direct, who has gone above and beyond to support us in the wake of a recent setback.

Autobrite will now be prominent on the cars of Dexter Patterson (pictured) and his team-mate Dayrl DeLeon. Photograph: Steve Akehurst

Since 2017, Autobrite Direct has been right there with us, and their commitment to our team’s success has been fantastic. Now, they’ve decided to extend their support to include two more cars, in addition to the cars of Dan Lloyd, Michael Crees and the returning Bobby Thompson, for this weekend’s Silverstone event.

This move highlights the strong bond between the team and Autobrite Direct. Their willingness to step in and help us continue our racing journey shows just how dedicated they are to the sport and our team.

We can’t thank Autobrite Direct enough for their continued support.