Team HARD. Racing have partnered with kart chassis builder X-Kart to launch a new scholarship programme for junior karts aged between 12-15.

Team HARD. Racing is delighted to announce a new partnership with Kart chassis builder X-Kart to launch a new and exciting HARD. X-Kart scholarship. The new scholarship programme is aimed at children aged 12-15 who are pursuing a career in Motorsport.

The programme is split into three stages with stage one taking place at Team Karting’s indoor track, the UK’s highest rated and longest all tarmac, indoor circuit in Rochdale. Successful entrants will then be invited to stage two which will be held on an outdoor kart track in the autumn.

There are prizes for the top three entrants with the prize for the winner being a fully funded season in the 2023 Junior Kart Championship (JKC), including tyres, fuel and driver support; a prize fund worth £25,000.

The Junior Kart Championship is action packed.

Team HARD. Racing, Business Development Manager Claire Murdoch commented, “I’m really excited to be able to launch this new scholarship which formed off the back of our existing track racing event. Matty (Street) who owns X-Kart participated on our scholarship back in December, we got chatting and saw this as a perfect opportunity to form a partnership.

“We are relatively new to the karting world so it’s great to be able to lean on Matty and his team to get up to speed with it.

“We love helping people get on track and live their dreams and passions and this is just another step towards making Motorsport more inclusive for everyone.”

HARD. Academy driver Lucaas Blantford using an X-Kart.

X-Kart owner, Matty Street added, “Team HARD. Racing has a great reputation in British Motorsport and it’s great to be able to call them our partner.

“Having participated on their scholarship at the end of 2022, it’s a well-oiled machine that all of the entrants enjoyed it whether they won or lost and bringing our knowledge together we are planning on replicating that in karts.

“The best element of the teams’ existing scholarship was the focus on Motorsport education. Yes, it’s a competition but every single entrant comes away with new information on what it takes to be a racing driver. Our plan is to replicate that to educate and inspire young karters and their parents/guardians who participate in the HARD. X-Kart scholarship this year.”

The HARD. X-Kart scholarship is now open and is available to anyone aged between 12-15. For more information, please visit our HARD. X-Kart page.