We were delighted to have raised a donation of over 360 Easter eggs this month for the Demelza charity; a charity that looks offers end of life car for children and young adults with a range of conditions.

We would like to send a special thanks to the Community Champion Tina Deverson from Tesco 2860 in Maidstone and our wonderful staff members who added to this donation.

Managing Director Samantha Gilham and her young daughter Florrie delivered the chocolate Easter eggs to the Demelza site in the nearby Sittingbourne and commented, “Whilst it is heart-breaking to see such lovely young children and their families suffer from serious illness, it really warms my heart that the Demelza charity is there to help support them during these difficult times.

“I just hope that our donation goes some way to putting a smile on their faces this Easter.”

About Demelza:

Demelza provides clinical care, therapies, specialised activities and practical support across Kent, South East London and East Sussex.

They have two beautiful hospices and provide a range of community-based support in the home, as well as a programme of online activities. Their end of life care for children and young people, and their bereavement support for family members of all ages, is available to all.

But this is only part of what they do, they are there across whole lifetimes, adding to the happiest moments as well as supporting in difficult times.

Every year their work is a lifeline to over 575 children, young people and families. From babies to young adults, they care for children with a range of different conditions, some of which are very complex and so rare, they have no name.

When a family desperately needs support, Demelza can give them the time, space and attention to cope. From diagnosis, for as long as they’re needed, they deliver specialist care with compassion. If a family chooses for their child to die at Demelza, they make sure they have the support they need to focus on loving each other and make lasting memories.

Their ethos is to work for the whole family – parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents and other loved ones – because the whole family is integral to a child’s life.

Everyone working at Demelza strives to bring the most joy, fun and relaxation to the lives of children and families they meet. Their network of volunteers brings energy, passion and dedication to help make Demelza all about life.

They provide specialist care services across the region, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, completely free of charge to those who use them. The unique support they give comes at a price, and at present they’re only reaching 20 per cent of the children who desperately need their help.

As a charity, they’re almost entirely dependent on the generosity of their supporters to provide the funds that keep our services going. Please make sure every family and child can depend on them when they need them most.