Purple Velvet


Highly concentrated luxury shampoo.

Size 500 ml. Includes postage.

Luxurious pH Neutral velvet shampoo with amazing dilution and suds.


Our Purple Velvet car shampoo is rich and luxurious, with amazing dilution creating thick suds that coat your vehicle, grabbing dirt and leaving a velvety sheen behind. With a slick finish every time, this car shampoo is pH neutral and won’t damage any existing wax or LSP layers and so is fantastic for regular car cleaning.A truly stunning shampoo that does everything you need and just wait until you smell it !!You need to try Purple Velvet!
Product Features:

  • Magical & luxurious shampoo with luxurious suds
  • Leaves a high gloss finish
  • Highly concentrated dilution ratio of 1500 – 1
  • Leaves a lovely slick finish
  • Gorgeous “Juicy Fruit” fragrance
  • PH Neutral formula – safe on all wax surfaces
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