Magifoam Ultimate Pre-Wash Snowfoam



A powerful pre-wash snowfoam – one of our most popular flagship products since we started back in 2005.


Autobrite Direct and Magifoam are synonymous with each other and have been since 2005! As one of our flagship products, it remains one of our best sellers today and not without good reason; the snow foam wash creates a stable and thick lasting foam that won’t damage a wax or sealant coating but lifts away dirt and grime in a matter of minutes.

One of our most popular snow foam products that can be dated back to 2005 when Autobrite Direct first started; Magifoam pre wash snow foam is still the top dog. This product contains a special blend of active cleaners, biodegradable surfactants and foaming agents and if used as directed is LSP safe and won’t harm your existing wax or sealant protection.

Magifoam creates a stable and long-dwelling active foam to break down surface dirt and loosen it before contact washing. Snow foam pre-washing is an essential step in the detailing process as removing the majority of dirt before the contact wash stage reduces the chance of inflicting fine swirl marks and will reduce marring. Sit back and let Magifoam snow foams do the hard work!

Product Features

  • Powerful active cleaning agents
  • Stable dense foam – dwell time of up to 30 mins
  • Wax and sealant safe, Ideal for all year round cleaning
  • Very economical