Britegel Gel Based Wheel Cleaner


Product Features:

  • Powerful cleaning action for wheels and tyres
  • Sticky gel formula that sticks to the surface
  • High foaming formula
  • pH Balanced
  • Comes with HD trigger for easy application (500ml only)
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BriteGel is a sticky, lemon and lime-scented, non-acidic wheel cleaning gel that clings to the wheel surface enabling maximum penetration into the dirt, grime and brake dust on your alloy wheels. The sticky gel formula clings to the alloy and tyre with no run-off giving you an increased time to clean your wheels thoroughly and leaves no waste! A powerful cleaning gel formula that provides superb foaming, powerful yet gentle cleaning and great rinsing.

Combined with the stickiness of Britegel and performance this is certainly the best wheel cleaner we make here at Autobrite Direct and certainly one of the best on the market today. Its ease of use is outstanding and in most cases when cleaning your wheels you simply need to spray and rinse and most if not all the dirt is gone! In extreme cases heavily brake dusted wheels may require additional agitation. BriteGel is also wax friendly and won’t affect your existing wheel waxes and sealants.

Britegel is ready to use and requires a heavy-duty trigger (BriteGel Trigger) to dispense it. The trigger supplied gives an even, thick covering ensuring total coverage on the surface with no runoff and no waste! A pH-balanced gel formula with powerful cleaning capabilities that is suitable for any wheel surface, even the most delicate alloy wheels on the market today such as bare metal, chrome, steel or unprotected, un-lacquered surfaces. A quick and easy way to clean your alloy wheels and tyres. BriteGel certainly makes light work and transforms your wheels like new.

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500ml, 5l