Aerosol Blast Air Freshners


Air Sanitiser and Odour Eliminator air fresheners eliminates odours and leaves your interior smelling fresh! The perfect interior air freshener that cleans, eliminates odours and sanitises in one short blast! Leave your car smelling clean and fresh with our Air Freshener Aerosols!

  • Fast Acting & Powerful Odour Eliminator
  • Perfect Finishing Touch On Interior Valets
  • Dry Spray Doubles As A Fabric Refresher
  • Sanitises & Freshens Vehicle Interiors
  • Powerful Jet blast spray


Our Air Sanitiser and Odour Eliminator air fresheners aerosols are highly perfumed and formulated to remain suspended in the air for many hours to allow it to eliminate odours quickly.
Simply spray a few short bursts into the car interior. it is advised to allow time for the fragrance to disperse and mellow before driving.
The dry spray formula means that it works great as a fabric refresher. spray lightly over seats and carpets to effectively neutralise odours. (it is recommended that you test on an inconspicuous area first for colourfastness).

Lemon Zest: Sharp and full of Lemon’s!

Black Ice: A bold masculine scent to add a touch of class to your vehicle.

Pomegranate: Sharp and tangy, incredibly refreshing. The perfect summery scent.

Bubblegum: The sweetest fragrance in our range, you will feel like your a kid in a sweetshop!

Wild Berries: Freshly picked berries from the branches of summer! Sweet, strong and long lasting!

I Feel The Need For Kreed: The famous scent we all love with a hint of F-14A Tomcat!!

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Bubblegum, Lemon Zest, I Feel the Need for Kreed, Watermelon Sugar, African Savanna, Dark Temptation, Wild Berries, Arctic Fresh, Joupe