Trim & Tyre Dressing Waffle Applicator


The perfect applicator to apply your tyre dressings.

Brand new applicator pad for trim and tyre dressings. Waffle surface and contoured grip.


Our new dressing waffle applicator pads are designed to ensure even coverage of our range of trim and tyre dressings such as ‘Well Dressed’, ‘Tyre Gloss’ and ‘The Abyss’. The waffle surface helps to prevent product waste and ensures a perfectly even coverage with a superb finish!

The contoured grip helps to ensure you can direct the product exactly where needed with ease.

Package contents:

1 x Contoured Trim & Tyre Dressing Waffle Applicator

Product features:

  • Contoured Grip
  • waffle design applicator
  • Suitable for gel and liquid dressings
  • 6.5cm high X 8cm width