Ceramic Shield Ultra Spray Wax


A ceramic infused durable spray wax from the ceramic shield family of products.
Ceramic Shield Ultra Hybrid Wax provides a slick glossy feel and a deep wet-look shine, leaving a durable protective layer once cured.


After months of development, the ‘Ceramic Shield Ultra Hybrid Spray Wax’ has proven itself to be a versatile and durable product which is easy to use and provides exceptional gloss and water behaviour. This product is suitable for all paint types, exterior plastic trims, and exterior rubber surfaces and its easy to use formula allows you to achieve a ceramic like look and feel with the ease of application of a traditional spray wax.
A little goes a long way, and using sparingly makes application a breeze.
500ml bottle provides 30+ single applications.
Chemical Resistant Trigger included. 
Product Features

  • Super High gloss
  • Durable ceramic infused protection
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • Easy to apply
  • Refreshing mint fragrance
  • 30+ applications per bottle