Quotes from the seventh qualifying session of the 2023 Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship season.

Dan Lloyd: “A really good job by everyone in the trickiest conditions of the season. We were going really well in the wet and were looking forward to wet qualifying. We didn’t want it to be dry but it did end up being that. We still put in a good performance and managed to get into Q2 which I’m really pleased about.

“We lacked a bit in Q2 and ended up P10, we know where that was though so I’m confident tomorrow will be a strong day.”

Michael Crees: “The car was good today and the balance felt nice. It was a wet to dry session which is never easy as you have to be on track at exactly the right time and in free air as well. Sadly, for me today I was blocked into the final corner on my best last and lost nearly half a second and that’s pushed us down the order from where we should have been which is in around the top 15.

“Tomorrow is a new day so let’s see how we get on!”

Dan made it into Q2 and finished the session in 10th. Photograph: Tom Scott

Rob Huff: “Definitely a trying day for sure, we had a bit of a hybrid issues in FP1 but the team did a great job in sorting that out and turning the car around for FP2 so that was good. In FP2 it was still wet and the session was all about getting used to the car, feeling comfortable and learning as much as possible.

“Qualifying was the first time I went on slicks tyres, we did that early and I think it was a good move. It was one of those, it was drying, I’ve never driven a BTCC car in the dry on slicks and every lap you push a bit more but the new tyres lose a bit more and I think I did the same laptime six or seven times.

“I really want to go back out now with everything I’ve just learnt and give it another stab but lots learnt, you couldn’t get a trickier first day in a car if you tried. I’m not where I want to be of course but we will give it a good go tomorrow and see where we can get to.”

Jack Butel: “It was an interesting day. Both practices were wet and we spent that time refining some setup changes which was positive for the wet conditions but qualifying ended up being dry and we did go the wrong way on setup. The rear of the car was great and helped with rotation but ultimately, despite making it up to 9th at one stage we dropped back to 24th which is disappointing.

“We can race from there and I’m confident of replicating our race day at Croft again and putting on a good show.”

Jack was as high as 9th before a flurry of cars switched to slick tyres. Photograph: Gavin Proc Photography

Dexter Patterson: “Frustrating day on home soil which started in FP1 as I was forced to miss the session due to a regulation infringement when I competed here in a Legend a few months back.

“Qualifying was going well but a red flag came out on my push lap and that killed the session for me to be honest as that was when my tyres were at their freshest.

“Tomorrow is a new day and I’m going to be looking forwards so let’s see what happened.”

Daryl DeLeon: “Knockhill is a great track but the conditions today were really tricky, especially when you’ve not been here before.

“We made good progress with the car in the wet but qualifying was a wet to dry session and the first time I’ve experienced those conditions in a touring car. At the start of the session, we were on it and the pace felt good but as the track started to dry, I knew it was going to be tricky.

“Unfortunately, I made a mistake on my first flying lap, went off and damaged the front end of the car and was unable to continue. It’s unfortunate but I am learning which is the main thing and I just want to keep progressing.

“I’m gutted but I’m going into tomorrow with an open mind and the only way is forward so let’s see what we can do!”

Dexter and Daryl had difficult days but will be pushing hard tomorrow. Photograph: Gavin Poc Photography