Team HARD. Racing is proud to announce its partnership with Paul Watson Fitness for the upcoming 2023 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) season. Paul Watson Fitness is a leading provider of bespoke fitness and nutrition plans that will be providing cutting-edge expertise to Team HARD. Racing’s drivers to help them achieve peak physical condition ahead of each race.

This partnership will allow Team HARD. Racing to provide their drivers with the best possible support in terms of physical fitness and nutrition. As part of the collaboration, Paul Watson Fitness will be designing customized fitness and nutrition plans for each driver, tailored to their individual needs and goals. In addition, the company will also provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the season.
“We are thrilled to partner with Paul Watson Fitness for the 2023 BTCC season,” said Tony Gilham, Managing Director of Team HARD. Racing. “At Team HARD. Racing, we believe that physical fitness and mental well-being are essential components of success in motorsport. With Paul Watson Fitness’s expertise and guidance, we are confident that our drivers will be in top form and ready to compete at the highest level.”

Paul Watson, founder of Paul Watson Fitness, is equally excited about the partnership. “Motorsport is a highly demanding and competitive sport, and it requires drivers to be in peak physical and mental condition in order to perform at their best,” he said. “Our team of expert trainers and nutritionists are excited to work with Team HARD. Racing to provide their drivers with the tools they need to succeed on and off the track.”

With the support of Paul Watson Fitness, Team HARD. Racing’s drivers will have a competitive edge and be better equipped to take on their rivals in the upcoming BTCC season. The partnership between Team HARD. Racing and Paul Watson Fitness is set to play a key role in the team’s success, and fans are eagerly anticipating what promises to be an exciting season of racing.