You started the Truck racing season a few weeks ago. How did it go?
They have changed the setup this year. The British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) have taken the coordination of the series over. We have had a bit of trouble as they are trying to cut out the smoke (from the trucks). We have cut it down by half but there have been very harsh penalties which has hurt us.
I was pulled out of two races, one that I was leading, and given time penalties but we are still third in the championship so all in all it was a good weekend especially as it is a new truck thart we have just rebuilt.

You are now racing under the Team HARD banner. How is it being in the Team HARD stable?
It is great. Tony and Ben’s support and all at Team HARD is unbelievable. It has just got bigger and bigger. It is a good platform for us to start from. It looks like we will go full time with it next year. Possibly running a few trucks and just increase the profile of Cole Trucksport/Team HARD in the Truck racing world.

For people not familiar with truck racing how is the championship run? Are there different classes?
Years ago there used to be three classes now there are just two classes but these are getting tighter and tighter.
Our truck is an old mechanical engine and older vehicle but we are only two seconds a lap off the pace of the Division One Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) £300,000 worth of machinery built in Europe!

Are there specific types of trucks that can take part in the truck racing?
A lot of the trucks use the same chasis rails and MAN axles and a Cummins engine. Our truck is a Mercedes Cab. We are trying to stay with Mercedes as there isn’t currently a Mercedes truck in the championship. This is helping with sponsorship as we have had interest from Mercedes dealers.

Your next race is over in Pembrey in Wales. How are you feeling about that?
I like Pembrey. It is a technical track but I am a multiple race winner there so I’m very hopeful!