We offer valeting and detailing services focused specifically on the exterior of your car and promise to make your car sparkle and shine!

Services includes:

  • All wheels cleaned with Britegel – PH neutral wheel cleaner to remove baked on brake dust and remove contamination spots.
  • Citrus Pre-Wash used on lower body panels to loosen and remove surface grime and traffic film.
  • Wheels and lower body panels treated with our fallout remover to remove embedded bonded contaminants.
  • Jet wash to remove the dirt.
  • Pre-Wash Snow Foam applied to the car using our popular PH Neutral Magifoam via our Autobrite HD Foam lance for best results.
  • Jet wash to remove the foam covering.
  • Safe 2 bucket washing system used with a PH Neutral foaming shampoo.
  • Jet wash to remove the foam wash.
  • Tar spots safely removed using Just the Tonic.
  • Application of Top Gloss to boost gloss and hydrophobic effect.
  • Hand dried with a ‘Deep Pile’ Microfibre drying towel to ensure a safe, scratch free finish.
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned.
  • Cherry Glaze all in one polish is applied to rejuvenate the paint surface and to restore gloss.
  • Application of Elegance to enhance shine.
  • All tyres treated with tyre gloss.
  • All exterior trim surfaces protected/dressed.
  • Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards.

Service also includes complimentary vacuum of carpets, seats and interior windows cleaned.

Prices vary from £70 upwards. Contact us on [email protected] or [email protected] to book your valeting service in.

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