Jack Mitchell – Difficult day for me, just struggling a little bit with the balance of the car but I think that across the board, across all drivers. But we’re struggling to switch on the hard tyre which is obviously not ideal as that’s all we run at this track. I’ve not been here in a touring car in a very long time so I’m still getting used to the car and every single session is a test session really. We made some good gains in FP2 however it went backwards in qualifying, So we’ll be working hard tonight to rectify that to give our selves as good of a race car as we can for tomorrows racing. So hopefully we can stay out of trouble, keep our noses clean and move forward thought the day.


Aron Taylor-Smith – Disappointing, like it’s so competitive. Do I think the car has made a step forward? Yes. But probably not in qualifying trim yet. The hard tyre makes it a little bit more difficult for us because we can’t really switch it on as the others seem to be. I think in race trim we’ll be a step above what we were when we first come here. But it’ll just be picking at them during the races and seeing where we can get to, its not the worst day I’ve had but we just want to be higher up. It’ll come, the Cupra has the potential to do it, we just haven’t found the sweat spot for a qualifying setup.


Jack Goff – It’s been pretty difficult throughout the day today, we’ve tried a few different set ups but we have really been able to switch the hard tyre on today. I think that’s been our biggest downfall which is switching the tyres on at the right time, we struggled with a bit of high-speed stability, but our race pace seems pretty strong so we’re looking to move forward tomorrow!


Nic Hamilton – Unfortunately I don’t like saying again that its an unfortunate and frustrating day for us as a team. I’d say for me I’m a little bit upset because of my lack of pace today. I would say mainly through the fast stuff here at Thruxton, its all action packed, its all about having the biggest balls also the most trust in the car, obviously because the car is brand new for us. We’re changing it all the time so the goal post moves and I’ve not been fully at one and comfortable with the car this weekend. But tomorrow is a new day and I think we always have a better race car then we do qualifying car and that’s just because we haven’t had time at the moment to focus on maximizing the platform of our brand new Cupra Leon though qualifying, but when it comes to race trim we’re pretty solid. So to me, all my time that’s lost is through church which is the fastest corner of the circuit where we at corner entry we are approaching 220+KPH and it’s having the faith and belief all the way through. So 3 races tomorrow my plan is to have a personal goal to continuing developing my self through church all day tomorrow. If I can pick up some places along the way, stay in the pack and be aggressive then I’ve had a good day. So watch this space, stay with us and we’ll see how it goes.