Thank you to everyone who entered the 2018 scholarship programme at Croft just a couple of weeks ago.

We have now been in touch with the finalists which will take place at Brands Hatch on the 19th March.

If you haven’t received a phone call, unfortunately you haven’t made it through to the final shoot out. However, you will all get a personal call in the next week or so in order to give you feedback from your assessment.

We hope you all enjoyed the opportunity and you can all take something away with you from the day. It was great to meet you all and welcome you to the Team HARD. family.

There are still some very interesting discussions that will happen with some of you as we look to continue our investment and support in the world of Motorsport.

We apologise but had to do it this way due to the timescales, a very busy team programme and the fast approaching race season but you will all be contacted individually.

Thanks again