The all new Stilp HARD. Academy recently launched has had an amazing response over the last week or so and several meetings and conversations are now taking place as we look to end this season on a high and put plans in place for 2018.

AJ Sofroniou, who will now always be our #001, is the 1st driver to join our academy to begin an exciting new chapter in his racing career. In what is very much a family operation, it is so important to not only provide the development opportunity and support for up and coming racing drivers but to be able to build a career in house with one team is a real bonus.AJ001

Aj at just 9 years old is very excited, “I can’t wait to get started for next year and looking forward to meeting my new team mates when more drivers join the team. I think I can do very well in Super one with the Stilp HARD. Academy.”

Jordan said “Well what can I say, I’ve worked with Aj from the start, from the very first day this time last year, he really caught my eye with his natural ability to drive. Ever since that day I have worked as much as possible with him to really see what he has to offer. He has impressed, not just me, but a lot of people around the motorsport paddock, on and off the track. His ability to listen and take everything on board is great, and this is a major key to any driver’s success and Aj does this like it’s second nature. Aj has the ambition and determination to make it all the way and he’s shown his talent already in his first year. Now signing with Tony and I in the academy, we will make sure that Aj gets that extra support needed to build his profile. I feel that Aj is now ready for another big challenge, so we are entering him into the British Super One championship in 2018 and I cannot wait to see how he performs, I am extremely confident that he will succeed in this and his racing career will really start to build some momentum.”

Tom Kimber-Smith, driver manager added, “AJ has come a long way in such a short space of time. Last year was his first taste of Karting and having watched his final few races of the season you would not believe that he was a rookie. I have been in motorsport for many years and competing at the highest level, it amazes me how much hard work AJ is willing to put in. He understands already the dedication needed and the learning obstacles that he must overcome to succeed and win. Having signed with the Stilp HARD. Academy for the 2018 season, there is no reason now why AJ cannot win races.”

Tony concluded, “This is a real exciting time for the team all round and the Stilp HARD. Academy is the perfect start in motorsport for aspiring racing drivers to really learn what the industry is all about both on and off track. There isn’t enough support commercially for our stars of the future, so to be able to offer this kind of programme is amazing and we are very fortunate to be able to do so. There are some amazing talents out there and we are very much looking forward to seeing how far we can take them up the Motorsport ladder and build a strong relationship along the way. It all start now with our 1st signing Aj #001”

Stilp HARD. academy