Simon Rudd
Simon Rudd
Name: Simon Rudd
Age: ​ 29​
Home Town: ​ Upper Halling​
Number of Seasons with Team HARD: ​ 5​
What made you chose Team HARD? ​ I have been with the team since the start of my car racing career​
What are your hopes for the 2018 season? ​Win the Dunlop Britcar Endurance Championship​
How long have you been racing?: ​ 5th season in cars​
What made you want to become a racing driver?  My dad used to race karts, so I have grown up with being around the race circuits​
What other championships have you raced in?  VW Cup, Formula 4, Formula Ford, British GT​
What is your favourite track?  Snetterton​
What is your favourite car you have driven? Ginetta GT4​
If you could drive one race car what would it be? ​Sennas 1988 Mclaren MP4/4​
An unusual fact about yourself: I am a world record holder!​

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