SuperSonic – Nano Hybrid Si02 Paint Coating



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SuperSonic Nano Hybrid Si02 Coating – 250ml 

When you demand ease of use and simply stunning results, go SuperSonic!

SuperSonic is a water-based, cross-linking, Si02 based, nano-hybrid sealant that protects against UV, bird lime, heat and oxidization, lasting for a minimum of 12 months when correctly applied. The Nano Hybrid film bonds to the paintwork for extensive hydrophobicity & protects against surface contamination. SuperSonic is incredibly fast to apply, just spray, wipe over and buff – it’s that simple. Once applied, SuperSonic will continue to bond for approximately 3 weeks to the surface. Apply and admire the durable, stunning gloss, the sublime beading and the excellent self-cleaning properties of SuperSonic.

SuperSonic can also be layered for optimum hydrophobic and extended protective qualities, and topped up periodically with Super Sonic QD for added efficiency.

Kit includes
1 x 250ml of SuperSonic Sealant
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