Kris Prosser Trackday

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The 1st official Kris Prosser Team-HARD. Racing VW trackday will take place on Wednesday 19th June at Brands Hatch.

The day will be limited to a maximum of 20 people on a first come first served basis.

Each person will get to drive one of our race prepared VW Golf R’s twice throughout the day with tuition for a full race distance each time.

Everyone will also get some hot laps with the main man himself JKris Prosser in the same cars PLUS laps in his GT Cup Ginetta race car.

These cars are very capable and lap within two seconds of a BTCC car so will be a great experience.

You will need to arrive at track for 8am for sign on and briefing and breakfast will be served with the team in the garages in pit lane.

All of the above is available and included for a price of £499 per person.


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