The Final

The Final

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The 10 most promising drivers will make it through to the Final. 

Each finalist will receive 2 x 30 minute track sessions with a professional driving instructor to get the maximum out of a fully race prepared VW Cup Car and themselves. They will then be once again tested on their media skills and conduct. 

Each driver will also be put through a fitness test testing agility, endurance and coordination. 

Evaluation Process: 
The Team-HARD. Racing Scholarship will evaluate a driver’s performance on and off the circuit with the help of our carfully selected pannel of judges. 

On the circuit: 
Each driver will be evaluated on predetermined criteria that include throttle control, smoothness, reaction time, ability to learn, ability to receive advice/criticism and improvement within the sessions. The driving instructors will be carrying out the evaluation process. 

Off the circuit: 
Each driver will be evaluated on:
Their ability to answer preset questions during interviews on and off camera
Fitness and coordination levels.

The price to enter this competition is £399, this covers ALL ROUNDS!!