Qualifying Rounds

Qualifying Rounds

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Each driver will be taking part in one ‘Qualifying’ round. The most promising drivers will then be narrowed down through-out the day to produce our finalists for the second day of assessments.

Entries are now being taken for the 2016 VW Cup Scholarship. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office on (01634) 711889 

On Track:
Each driver will be provided with 2 x 15 minute sessions on circuit in a VW Golf. Each driver will receive expert tuition from a professional driving instructor and will be evaluated on set criteria from smoothness of the accelerator to preparation for up coming corners and chicanes. 

Off Track:
In motorsport today a driver’s composure off the circuit is nearly as important as their ability on the track. In the Team-HARD. Scholarship we will be testing the drivers ability to answer preset questions in front of the camera and in ‘after race’ interviews. 

Having the skill to drive a lap quickly is one thing but being able to produce that level of performance every lap of a race can make the difference between winning and losing. We understand the significant impact fitness has on a race and a driver and as a result will provide each driver with a fitness advice pack designed specifically for motorsport drivers by former Cage Fighter and team owner Tony Gilham. 

The price to enter this competition is £399, this covers ALL ROUNDS!!