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Wilson triumphs in Alfa series

Setting to complete within the final round with me already winning Class B was only something that I could dream of. The battle was not over just yet with third place overall still up for grabs I had to keep a clear head and focus. With a turn out of 37 cars and 12 of them being Class A I knew it would be a hard fight over the weekend due to me being in a Class B car which has half as much power. Achieving a top ten finish would be difficult but with my results so far this year it was not impossible. With mixed weather conditions it was a damp with a dry line appearing for the qualifying session. Having to push myself and the car to the limit I found myself held up in traffic so I struggled to put a good lap together. With qualifying over I entered the paddock, in my mind I knew I had tried my best but wasn't sure if that was good enough with the traffic holding back from the pace I knew I could get. I qualified in the P5 which my team was over the moon with and that I was surprised about knowing that there was still a lot more time to be made up on the track. Knowing the pace was good and the car was fine I knew it was down to me to bring the car back into the top five in race one on Sunday.

Come Sunday I thought it played right into my hands because it was raining all through the night so the track was wet and there was no sign of sunshine two hours before my first race. As the time went on I found the track drying out slowly but not enough for slicks so we decide to go out on wets. Setting out on the green flag lap I could see that the track would become dry halfway through the race so I knew I had to make the most of the first part of the race but also keep my tyres cool so they would last. We lined up on the grid and the lights went green I made a good start turning into the first corner in third place then found myself battling for the lead. As I was about to move to first place on the fourth lap the car loss power and I found myself pulling into the pits. My team couldn't see anything obvious with the car but I knew I had to finish to acquire the points. So I set back out to take the chequered flag to find myself in 25th place and four laps down but I had completed the race. . . . . . or so I thought.

After the race my team found the fault which meant replacing the air mass meter this fixed the problem so I was set for the second race. Then I found out that they put me down as a D.N.F. because I only completed eleven out of 15 laps, I had to complete 80% of the race distance which was 12 laps meaning I missed it by one lap. Now this had put me in a battle for third place overall, I was currently holding third place by 3 points so I had to win the Class B in the second race and with Class B leader finishing in tenth place I knew I had my work cut out with a starting place of 25th on the grid. It started to rain really hard as we approached the assembly area. Sitting on the grid the heavens opened and as the lights changed to green I had a amazing start finding myself overtaking a lot cars, with the visibility very hard and difficult. As the race went on there was a lot of yellow flags appearing and a safety car period. As the checkered flag came out I could see my team clapping and chanting for me. I pulled into the awning area to be greeted with big smiles from my teams faces, that's when they broke the news to me that I finished in sixth place, what a amazing result and this meant that I had finished third overall in the championship. All the hard work paid off and my team was over the moon with my performance. With a great finish to the end of the year I could not have done it without the help from the team, parents and sponsors. Let see what 2014 holds for me, keep your eyes out for Darelle Wilson there is a lot more to come.

Darelle Wilson


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