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Firstly we would like to thank everyone who has entered the scholarship this year, as it has shown us just how popular our programme has become.      
Lots of people have been following this years scholar and we were looking forward to doing it for a second year. The scholarship itself went exactly to plan and was a credit to everyone involved with some amazing drivers showcasing their abilities.          
However, unfortunately this year did not go as we had planned throughout the race season on and off track for a number of reasons.         
The prize of a fully funded drive for the season, even when the tyre supplier and other sponsors pulled out was a big ask for us as a team but we continued our promise and we personally backed our winner. However, the amount of effort on and off track by the team wasn't reciprocated and lead to many unnecessary costs arising throughout the race season on track aswell as a lack of professionalism off track.  
I'm sure you can all appreciate how tough the wonderful world of Motorsport is but we continue to push forward together. It is with much regret that we have to put the scholarship, programme on hold for a year but after the year we have had it is the sensible decision so that we can make plans to come back bigger and better when we open up the entries again for the 2015 race season. 
We will endeavour to make sure that the next winner of the scholarship programme is not only quick on track but is the complete package as that is so important today in the racing world if you wish to secure a career in this sport. We are a team that will always look to give people opportunities at every level as you will have seen this year. Pace, honesty, professionalism, consistency, public appeal, sponsorship appeal and the ability to adapt to be an integral part of a successful ambitious team are just a few attributes which we believe you need to reach the top.
Once again we would like to say that the team are very disappointed that we will not be running the scholarship this year but we need to secure new sponsorship for next year and make some changes to ensure the same does not happen again.   
The first round will be in October 2014 and the winner of our Scholarship will be competing in the 2015 season of the Volkswagen Racing Cup championship.

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