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VW Cup goes to Snetterton

Well this makes a nice change! The VW Cup arrives at a circuit I'm familiar with. I've had a lot of success in the past at Snett, and can't help but feel like it's going to be a great weekend. Only a week ago I was at brands hatch competing in the US Speedfest in a 500 bhp 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. I'm enjoying this racing driver lifestyle! I got a podium there, is that going to be possible this weekend?
Saturday is qualifying. Saturday is also very wet! Just as we're being called the heavens open and the Norfolk countryside is soaked. The GT's were on track with their huge tyres trying desperately to dry a line for us, but the choice of tyres was slicks at the front and wets at the rear. My last wet qualifying session saw me take pole at Spa Francorchamps on a 70 car grid. That would do nicely today! 9th was more realistic, and where I ended up. I was happy with that, the 5th row is a good starting point for race 1. 
After a great evening with the team it was Sunday and race day. Race one is go and I'm off to a flyer, up to 6th place and really pushing forwards. Me and team mate David Sutton are battling in the first lap, swapping positions and even a small amount of bumper flesh, but all in good spirit. Sadly the race took a nasty turn for me when a struggling car presented itself just after the hairpin and I didn't have a chance to avoid. A hefty impact pulled the front of the car apart and I lost positions whilst bits of car flicked off all around me. 10th would be my finishing position, which considering the impact, I had to be pleased with. 
The car was repaired for race 2 and looking almost as good as new. If I thought my race 1 start was good, this one was incredible. I really hooked it up and pushed on. I was up to sixth again and looking good for a seasons best finish and then I made a mistake at the chicane and ended up on the grass. No racing driver excuses. Completely my own error. The competitive level of the VW Cup means 6th became 14th after this error, but a strong finish to the race saw me claw back to 10th. 
I'm on a high from this meeting. Two 10th place finishes is a strong showing but more importantly for me is the development I can see in myself. I'm now battling with people who at the start of the season seemed a lifetime away. I'm there with the car now, and it's about finding the last little bits to make the perfect lap. Luckily for me, I've got a team full of past and present BTCC drivers to speak with and learn from. I have no doubt that I can make it to the front. 
You coming with me? 
Tom #47 

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