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The Highs and Lows of Motorsport

Well, I'm not really sure where to start with my weekend! If Motorsport was a rollercoaster, it would be the fastest, cruelest and most brutal, with the highest highs and oh my god, the lowest of lows!! Car seemed great on Tuesday, and a bad call on tyres in quali gave me an up hill battle, starting frim the back for race one. Lightning reactions, like those from Oulton Park 2 weeks ago, made it look like progress wouldn't be too difficult making five places in just 2 corners.

Gremlins decided to introduce an intermittent fault causing the engine to go into 'limp' mode. Irronic running with a team called team HARD. Then, when I least expected it, limp kicked in whilst exiting the Montreal hairpin! BANG, a rear end crash with Tom Barley not expecting me to literally stop. Poor Tom had nowhere to go. This caused to boot to come up as limp kicked in once again, another trip to pit lane. Plastered up with Duct tape, back out one track with continued limp issues. Race 1, one I would rather forget!

Race 2, another ballistic start. 5 places again in 2 corners. With the boost turned right down to eliminate the 'limp' issue, I drove HARD. and battled my way to 15th. Underpowered but deyerminrd to achieve my goal for my first race weekend in VW Racing Cuo with team HARD. That was really the target I had set myself for the weekend. Top 15 was great, but could've been so much more if qualifying and race 1 were better. It's a bit like fishing....the one that got away!!

Still, I left Norfolk with some great positives. Tony's advice was invaluable and the mechanics within the team are fantastic. With 5 BTCC and 4 VW Cup drivers to sap knowledge and advice from, top 10 at Spa is my next goal.

Now looking on to spa! Going to be pushing HARD training mentally and physically to be ready for the next round. Hopefully the car fault can be fixed and we should hopefully push for the top ten that I am hoping for.

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