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Solid Snetterton for Rudd

I had four 30 minute sessions on the Friday test, so a lot of track time to test out some different setups. We made good progress at Brands and I was real keen to keep the momentum up.

It was a very hot day on the Friday and although we were putting in some competitive lap times, I was really struggling under braking. The rears kept locking and I managed to flat spot a few tyres which wasn’t ideal. In the end we decided a change of brake discs was the way forward.

After a team track walk after testing had finished and some food, I headed back to the hotel ready for Quali the next day.

As qualifying wasn’t until 5pm, I made use of the hotel facilities, including the swimming pool and jacuzzi, before heading over to the track at 3pm.

The 20 minute qualifying was soon upon us and although it was late afternoon, the track and air temp was still pretty high. This meant that I needed to get my laps in early and be on the pace from lap 1.

The car felt better with the new discs and I was going faster lap after lap. With 5 mins to go I hooked up the first sector but made a mistake in the second. This meant I was starting P10. After analysing the times if I had not made my mistake I would’ve been in P7. It was a shame but positive that we were competitive.

Saturday evening consisted of having food with the team and going to a local pub with some friends and family – relaxing end to a positive day.

On Sunday, we had a race at 9:50 and 14:15. I got to the track around 8am to prepare and make sure we were all set to go. One thing to note is that the races were 30 minutes rather than the usual 20 minutes, so being patient looking after tyres would come into play.

I got a good start and managed get in amongst the front train of cars. I was hanging onto the back of them but as the race went one, I started struggling with grip on the front tyres, which was expected. I managed to bring the car home in P9 even with a 5 second penalty for track limits!

I started from P9 in race 2 and although I managed a good start, I continued to struggled with front grip and braking. It was a pretty uneventful race to be honest and I brought the car back in a solid P11.

Overall it was another positive weekend. We are just off the back of the leading cars now and looking for that final half a second to be challenging for the top 5 and even podiums.

Huge thanks for the support from the team, friends, family and sponsors who make it all happen.

Donington is just a few weeks away for the season finale!!

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