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Silverstone: Rounds 5 and 6 of the VW Cup

Silverstone, and the GP layout to be specific. Certainly a lot more fun than the point and squirt national layout.

Qualifying was the order of the day for Saturday, with a respectable but not breathtaking 14th place. The car wasn’t slowing down correctly, which turned out to be a mix of issues that were thankfully solved before race one on Sunday.

I lined up in race one next to team mate Andy Wilmot, which seems to be becoming a habit. As soon as the race got underway I knew something wasn’t right, there was an awful lot of vibration under braking and the car felt especially unsettled. Whilst it was a genuinely exciting race with a lot of bumper to bumper action, the pace was not there to be up in the top 10, where I know I should be on a good day. I finished the race in 13th, but considering the condition of the car and the way it was handling I would have to accept that as a decent result. The team uncovered a faulty ball joint, and it was a miracle that I didn’t end up with three wheels on my wagon.

The car was prepped and ready for race two, and so was I. I knew that if I could match the pace of those ahead with handling issues like that, I would move forward in a car that broke in a straight line! Race two was go and I got off to a flyer, reaching 10th place within a few corners. Sadly this would be short lived, I took a big hit at the end of the first lap and was sent sideways. Thankfully I kept the car from spinning and thought I’d saved my race, but unfortunately bodywork was now digging into my tyre, and I could hear it cutting the tread. I knew that I had to pull off, or risk a high speed puncture. I’d like to now formally apologise to my driver’s door. That was a hell of a slam when I got out! What a frustrating way to end a testing weekend, the pace was there and I was on a real charge. These things happen, and you have to move on.

Watch the video of the action by clicking the video panel to the left! It’s not very long, for obvious reasons!

The highlight of the weekend was having HQ Films and 30 Second Promos there to do a feature on me. This was not only great fun, but an insight into the demands higher profile drivers are placed under on a regular basis. Mind you, I could get used to it, I’m sure.

Watch their fantastic 30 second promo of me by clicking here.

:So, where are we next? Snetterton. I seriously need a good weekend here. It’s time for things to go my way, it’s time to get up the front and pay back team HARD. and all my fantastic sponsors for their continued support and dedication.

Who’s with me?

Tom Barley #47, @barley_racing

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