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5th and a 2nd, take it or leave it? No brainer, as they say! 
What a memorable bank holiday Monday that was, at Rockingham, one of the fastest circuits we go to. Originally built for Indycar, which never materialised this circuit is not for the faint hearted. The onboard video looks pedestrian compared to how it feels in the car. Turn one on the banking is upwards of 120mph and you can feel the wall calling! Rubber is flicking up under the car and you’re preying everything holds together, which of course it does. John from Awesome GTi preps my car, I needn’t worry!
Qualifying was tight to say the least, I end up 12th out of some 30 odd cars, but just a few tenths of a second would have flung me up the order. I'd have to make my positions up in the races!
Race 1 gets underway and I’m off to a cracking start. I’ll have some great battles with a few first class Siroccos, get by and bring the Team HARD, racing car home in an immense 5th place! This result then puts me on the front row for race 2, because they reverse the top 6.

So here's my chance, and I'm determined to grab it. A good talk with the boss Tony Gilham calms the nerves and I'm out for the win psychologically. It's a great feeling on the front row with nothing but open space in front of you to accelerate in to! The lights go out and we're off. I hold onto 1st through the first corner and all the way down to the second, but then get forced out wide and onto the grass, this drops me down to fourth, but I kept my focus and knew I still had a chance. As I had hoped, those ahead started to drop off in performance and I was there to gradually pick them back off. I got 2nd place with only a couple of laps to go, and finished the race 0.3 behind the leader! You'll see what this meant to me and the team in my video. I think the single best thing about Team HARD. is their passion for success. Podiums are hard fought, and when you get one you want those sort of people around to enjoy it with you! Two days on and I'm still on a massive high! 

Big thank you's must go to, Awesome GTi, PowerMaxed and of course all the boys at the team. They gave me the car to do it! 

This momentum should set me up nicely for Silverstone which is the next race. Enjoy the onboard video, and thanks!

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