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Morgan Training HARD.

The test day at Oulton Park went well with team mate (BTCC) Howard Fuller. His Driver Training was vital to what would end up being a Successful Day.

I hadn’t achieved as much as I wanted to at Brands Hatch due to not being used to the slick tyres and although it was a respectable first time in the Volkswagen, I had not of reached my targets. Quick, but not quick enough, although all of my passengers enjoyed their high speed laps. This made me more determined when I went to Oulton Park for the Official Testing with APR Volkswagen Racing Cup UK.

Oulton Park Testing was a mixed start to the day. We missed the first session due to work being done on the car. My main aim was not to be the slowest, which I wasn’t,  and to make Dad proud. I was happy I had reached my goal for my first session, now pushing for the next one! Second session we had Fully Lit Fuller out on track with us. He pushed me HARD through the whole session......Literally! He helped me get more confident in the car and I was starting to get used to the slicks. The final session of the day, I set myself a new target, to push as HARD as I could to get to a competitive top 10 lap time. I was pushing HARD from the start of the session, focusing on my braking, turning in points and getting a good exit from each of the corners regardless of whether they were a slow hairpin or a fast flowing kink! Unfortunately the session ended early due to some billy crashing! I had reached my target for the day. On old tyres, left to get cold throughout the ‘arctic blast’ the UK had experienced earlier in the year, a green track, earlier in the year, a green track, my lap times would have put me 9th on the grid for the VW Racing Cup meeting and they were all on new tyres with rubber down from that weekends race meeting. So I was happy with that! 

Quickest in the team, race leading laptimes, I just can’t wait for my first race at Snetterton in June.

Looking on from Oulton Park, I have been building my mental and also physically strength. Mentally I am in the best condition I have been in for some time taking advantage of the mental exercises given to me by Susan, my sports psychlogist, so I am focused and looking for a good result. Physically I’ve been training hard, watching my diet and generally getting ready for racing. I know some people think of motor racing as not being a ‘sport’ but most racing drivers are at the peak of their physical fitness, putting some athletes and football players to shame! 

My fitness level showed at team HARDS open day at Brands. I started the race around the circuit from the pit lane while the other 60 people were already going through the bottom of paddock hill, managed to catch them and finish 9th!

I have been getting a lot of simulator time under my belt so I can hit the road running!  I will be looking forward to getting out in my team HARD prepared VW Cup car at Snetterton for rounds 7&8 and hope that Les has been working HARD to get t in tiptop condition. That will be the start of my campaign for the 2013 season and my aim is for a good finish in the championship despite missing the first 6 rounds!

To keep my race craft and passion in check, I have been invited to race in the BARC Saxmax Championship for a one off meeting at Oulton Park on my birthday! I raced in Saxmax last year and had my first ever season in cars and also had a WIN too! Hopefully I can Go HARD and the Go HOME with some silverware from Saxmax at the end of this month and I will be remembering the lines shown to me by Howard ‘fully lit’ Fuller.

I would also like to thank my sponsors: IT Installations and also Atena Group.

Next up is Snetterton. See you there!

Sam Morgan #41

Photo Credit : Tim Holmes (

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