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Testing just seemed to me that the car was down on power. The noise wasn't the same, and all of us at TeamHARD know my car for it’s noise. 

After changing a few parts, it didn’t get any better. 
Qualifying came shortly after the arrival of our final attempt at getting the number 23 car back on pace. It didn’t work out for us, and a minimal amount of boost out us 24th out 31 cars. 

It was frustrating as we knew I had been coming on well and consecutively lower my finishing positions. 

Shortly after qualifying we noticed a split boost pipe. 

Thankfully it was the direct reason the car wasn’t performing. 

Race 1 came, got a good start only to be pushed onto the grass by another driver. Dropped to 28th, but a steady pace, and some good battles saw me bring the car back home in 17th.

Race 2 saw me start in 17th, which I knew I would have some hard work to do, due to the drivers around me. I managed to bring #23 back in one piece (mainly) in 12th position after a rear end shunt hampering my chances of beating my lap times. 

Happy all round with the result considering the problems I had. 

Roll on Donny!

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