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HARD Return on Investment

Sponsorship is more than just a logo on the car, it is a powerful marketing strategy that can deliver a solid return on investment (ROI). This was recently highlighted by the results achieved with Team HARD’s teenage racing sensation Damani Marcano where one sponsor reported... 

“ increase of over 11% in turnover and we believe that the additional brand awareness and conversations generated by [Team HARD driver] Damani Marcano have played a key part in this.” 
-Viv Lacey-Johnson, The Clever Baggers

An important aspect of The Clever Baggers success was how they amplified their return on investment by using the story around Damani to increase engagement with new and existing customers...

“Damani’s performance both on and off track have generated exciting conversations with our customers which might otherwise not have happened” 

Damani was first spotted by Tony Gilham, team-principal at Team HARD. He carried an inspiring message of natural ability, youthful determination and rapid progression. 

In 2015, aged 16, Damani became the youngest driver to ever complete a Volkswagen Racing Cup season, the youngest driver to score points in the first round of a Volkswagen Racing Cup season and was the youngest driver ever to qualify on the front row and achieve fastest-lap in a VAG Trophy race weekend.

His on-track performances laid the foundation for him to impress off the track too...
Sponsors’ names and brands appeared alongside Damani in motor-sport, motoring and mainstream national press. The extent of his media appeal was then underlined by an appearance in Tatler magazine where he was described as “one of the hottest young racing drivers in the country”.

Sponsors of both Team HARD and Damani were seen 2.2 million times in print and online media through internationally distributed magazines, national newspapers as well as local press in Kent, Hertfordshire & North London! These figures do not include the additional 1 million impressions on his own Twitter updates, over 70,000 views on YouTube and millions of impressions in TV appearances across Channel 4, Motors TV and Sky Sports.

Tony Gilham said from day one that Damani was “the complete package” and his results on the track and in the media have proven it.

Beyond these opportunities, you can enjoy track-days for your clients or staff in Team HARD’s race cars, VIP Hospitality to network with other businesses at the most prestigious tracks in the UK plus Spa Francorchamps in Europe and opportunities to market via social media to the driver’s and Team HARD’s audiences.

Whether it’s with one driver or across Team HARD, the opportunities created by sponsorship for growing your business are endless.

To find out how to make this story about you, contact us now.

Read Damani’s full sponsorship success story at

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