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Fuller Drama

After the dramas from Oulton Park I was keen to bounce back and walk away with a decent set of points and maybe a cheeky podium as Rockingham seems to be my baby!

Rolled out in Free Practice in the lime green Golf GTi which Paul O’Neil had driven at Oulton Park and proved once again that the car had pace. Few set up changes and we looked strong for Qualifying.

Very happy with the result in Qualifying, managed P3 on lap 6 of 8. Bit of a risky move coming in early to save the tyres for the race but it paid off as the rest of the field put at least 11-12 laps in. But sadly the following morning the car had failed post scrutineering checks as the brand new DL1 data logger had failed during qualifying. The car didn’t save the data for the whole session and so the clerk decided to disqualify  ALL my times and pushed me to the back of the grid for Race 1.  A harsh penalty given the shocker I had at Oulton Park and even getting back into the car was a feat in itself – we had hoped that the clerk would stand by the warning of “make sure it’s working for the race” as per the original data sheets!

Race 1 from P31, we got a good start and after lap 1 was already up to P14 but on lap 4 got caught off line over taking and went through ‘Pif Paf’ a bit too hot and went for a trip through the gravel but luckily kept the wheels spinning a re-joined but back down in last! Fought my way back up to P15 by the checkered flag! Speaking to the team, potentially we were on target for a 7th or even 6th place finish and reverse grid pole start for race 2. Unfortunately we were to receive further penalty’s for track limits at posts that either didn’t exist or impossible to impede! No other drivers received a penalty so was beginning to think it wasn’t going to be my day. Especially as we have in car footage from our other cars showing many others exceeding track limits repeatedly. Will be starting Race 2 well down the order once again.

Race 2 from P23, again got a good start and found myself in P16 after Lap 1. Progress was much tougher this time round as I was “especially” mindful of the track limits and the fact everyone’s pace had stepped up. Few more clean overtakes later I finished the weekend in P11. 

A difficult weekend and a tough first part of the season.  

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