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Fuller back in the Hot Seat

Back in the hot seat at Rockingham in the NGTC Vauxhall Insignia and proud to be running the awesome RCIB Racing colours!

FP1: Cold damp morning, not ideal conditions to get back into things but still keen to jump into the car for some seat time to learn this new car! All went according to plan, maximum amount of time iving put in my fastest lap on L9 out of 11. Tricky conditions throughout the whole session but still very enjoyable! P17.

FP2: Dry afternoon session but still very cold. Again going out on carry over tyres still get back into things but keen to try past set ups and hopefully improving upon them. Managed 20 laps, went fastest on L17. Short runs trying to minimize tyre degradation, felt so much more comfortable in the car thanks to the boys in the garage! Feeling good going into qualifying.

Qualifying: A frustrating session from the word go, didn’t go the right way with set up. Set my fastest lap very early on and couldn’t improve despite a pit stop to try curing the problem but by this time we had taken best out of the tyres! Starting way out of position down in P20 time for some lunging.

Race 1: Starting P20, a decent start off the line making up several positions on the first half of the lap. Unfortunately heading out of the double left handers cars in front got them self’s into trouble and in avoidance of a huge head on shunt took to the grass, hand a trip though the gravel. Luckily carried enough momentum to drive straight through the gravel and re-join sadly last but a lucky and expensive escape. During the detour through the gravel id picked up some damage to the steering assembly and the dormitory was way off! Getting to the finish was going to be a struggle, a good restart and opening few laps got me from P23 to P17 but the damage was taking its toll on the tyres and the degradation was much higher. Managed to fend off team mate Andy Wilmot till the flag, a tough and frustrating race. Looking forward to the next one.

Race 2: Starting P17 on a dry-ish track on the prime tyres, perfect opportunity to make up some positions. Great opening 4 laps running in P11 now was the time to close down the gap to the cars in front. Starting lap 8 got a great run onto the start finish keeping in flat through turn 1, I notice the cars in front having contact down the straight lowing them down this caused concern that there may be a running together in the braking zone for turn2. I pull to the inside only to release the inside is still greasy and had braked as late as id normally had on line. Not getting the amount of grip and braking force I needed the car wouldn’t slowdown and narrowly missed the cars in front whilst running straight on! Lost all that hard work trying to re-join and finishing up P17 ones again. An opportunity missed to easily finish within the top 8. 

Race 3:  Desperate for a decent result, luck hasn’t been on are side! We have another dry race starting on the super soft tyres haven’t had any running on these yet so interested to know what the feel like on track. Starting P17 again we get off the line ok, holding position but into turn2 got a tap front behind and lost a few places. Retook them a few laps later we enter Lap 9 and my luck ends with an electrical fault forcing me to retire. Car felt really strong all weekend, gutted then I didn’t all come together! Big thanks to all the team and are sponsors RCIB Racing Insurance, Steel Seal, Astra Trading and everyone involved! Bring on Silverstone!

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