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DaReal Wilson

Darelle Wilson will this weekend race for Team HARD. Racing at the wheel of one of our newly built VW Golf GTI-R Cup cars. This will give Darelle the chance to race in equal machinery to the rest of the field as he looks to prove himself as a front running racing driver. 

After a few one-off outings in his own car, we felt that it was the right time in his racing career to focus his attentions and have equal opportunity to each and every one of our drivers. Darelle will receive exactly the same support as everyone else and will aim to be as high up the grid as possible. His first time in the car will be during Friday testing on the Silverstone GP Circuit. 

Darelle is a very hard working individual and has been a huge part in the complete rejuvenation of the team as a whole working endless hours to get the cars where they are today. Having been so committed as one of our longest serving members of staff, it is now time to step out of the shadows and showcase what he can do behind the wheel.   

Based on his impressive performances over the last few seasons, we are confident that he will be at the sharp end this coming weekend. He has a very strong following and presence in the Motorsport industry and given the right backing is a potential VW Cup Champion.

Last season has once again proven his ability with several class wins in a variety of cars and championships. But now the time has come to focus on one main goal and that is to prove himself as a top level driver and reach the heights he is more than capable of getting to. 

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