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Barley in Solid Silverstone points

I think I’d just about calmed down from my Rockingham successes by the time I’d arrived at Silverstone, for the next two rounds of the VW Cup championship! Coming off the back of such a great weekend at Rockingham I felt really positive about continuing my good form. You’ve got to be consistent in a championship to be in with a shout. For me, top 6 overall is the aim this year.
Once again we were blessed with beautiful weather on race day. What a privilege to be at a track like Silverstone, with the sun shining, great team mates around you and a beautiful, fresh red car to play with. I hadn’t qualified well, in fact 20th was my lowest ever VW Cup position but I put that to the back of my mind and I was determined to enjoy myself and get into the top 10 by the end of the day.

Race 1 got under way and I overtook 6 people on the first lap and got right back in to the thick of it. The racing was fast, HARD, but very fair. I bought the car home in 13th place, well set for a shot at the top 10 in race 2! The only downside to the fantastic weather is the temperature in the car! Wow it was hot! I’m supposed to be a fit young racing driver, I can tell you I didn’t feel that way after sitting in my sauna of a race car for 20 minutes exercising the wheel!
After taking in litres of water and going over some onboard footage with the Boss Man / now competitor Tony Gilham I was ready for race two. My car was prepped flawlessly, as is the theme this season, John my engineer is really on the ball. Race 2 goes live and I’m off to another good start, after a few close battles, and tapping of door mirrors along the straights I’m up to 10th place! Target achieved! We turned around a poor qualifying session and got a nice solid haul of points that now place me 9th in the overall standings, with those ahead in reach.
The icing on the cake was dipping into the 2.25 second laps. A second faster than the previous lap record. That’s very reassuring.
We’re off to Snetterton next, a track I always enjoy. Before that though I’ll be playing historical touring cars at Brands Hatch in the US Speedfest. Ever wondered what a grid of unsilenced small block V8s sounds like? Best you come and find out!

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